North Texas Surveillance Database

Inspired by the Atlas of Surveillance, an ongoing project by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, this database aims to document the various forms of surveillance technology present in North Texas. All video links direct to Invidious, a privacy protecting front-end for YouTube videos. Other links to news articles may (probably) contain ads, cookies, and trackers. Since policies and technologies continue to change, this will be updated as frequently as possible. Notice anything missing? Email us!

After looking through the data, you may wonder how things can be changed. How can Dallas residents control the technologies that the police use and ensure that our privacy is protected? That's where CCOPS comes in, a bill drafted by the ACLU for city councils across the nation. We've started a petition to urge the Dallas City Council to pass a local one; sign here and spread the word!

Automated License Plate Readers (ALPR) 1033 Program Starlight Camera Network Data Surveillance Facial Recognition Technology Drones Cell Site Simulators (Stingrays)