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Facial Recognition Use in North Texas

Where is facial recognition technology being deployed in and around Dallas County? This page will be a public resource to keep track of the spread of the technology in our area. Notice anything missing? Email us!

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North Texas Police using Clearview AI:

Dallas Police: Without authorization, Dallas Police officers were using the app to assist in investigations. Since the report came to light, all city devices are banned from having the software. However, some of the searches occured on officers' personal phones.

Fort Worth, Irving, and Plano: Currently using the software on a trial basis, the Fort Worth police have used it to search over 250 people.

Other forms of facial recognition:

Texas Department of Public Safety: Uses NEC software

Grand Prairie PD: Uses NEC software. If the previous link ends up breaking, the original document is here.

Arlington PD: Uses Vigilant FaceSearch to search a facial recognition database for leads.

Wylie PD: Uses Vigilant FaceSearch. If link is broken, original document can be found here.

Department of Homeland Security at DFW Airport: An early Trump executive order sped up an existing law under the Obama admin, which requires 20 major airports to install facial recognition cameras.

DFW Airport: Separate from the above order, American Airlines is implementing facial recognition scanning as an alternative to boarding passes.

Information on Facial Recognition Companies

Clearview AI: One of the more infamous companies. Clearview scrapes public social media profiles and stores all images it can find of a person in their database. This means that any public photos you share on Facebook, Twitter, or the like could be in their database. Or, even if you don't have a profile, they could obtain your photo through someone else's post.

NEC: This article covers NEC, focusing especially on its use within Dallas County.

Vigilant Solutions: Owned by Motorola Solutions, partner of the DPD for their Starlight camera network.

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